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Why Us

10 Reasons to buy your Dress at Donna Bella

  • 1. Great Selection - You will find a huge selection of styles and designs in our collection!
  • 2. Size Colour - An ever increasing range of sizes and colours are now available.
  • 3. Quality - The strive to give you the best quality quality dress for your buck.
  • 4. Customer Satisfaction - Quality customer service is very important to us! We're here to help! We pride ourselves in our customer service and communication
  • 5. Price and Value - Our prices are a fraction of the price of similar dresses you will find on the high street. We also offer extra discounts and promotions regularly.
  • 6. Purchase options - We offer a variety of purchase solutions, if you are buying a single dress for yourself, or 100 dresses for your shop, the right solutions is there for you.
  • 7. Discounts and Promotions - Offers and Discounts are always offered first to our loyal customers.
  • 8. Shipping and Dispatch - we make no profits on freight charges. We are Fast - We despatch 1-2 working days from completion of order.
  • 9. Safe and Secure Shopping - Your personal information is safe with us. We maintain industry-leading standards, processes, and procedures to protect your personal information. Donna Bella does not disclose buyers' information to third parties.
  • 10. Stress-free - All of this from the comfort of your own Home or Office.